Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Disney Twins!!

....but to me, they are my wonderful friends Valerie and Diane. I've talked about them in a previous blog, so now I'd like to introduce you to them! They're professional women, each with her own thriving practice, that occasionally comes with stress. So how do they deal with it? Like all of us women -- they go shopping! How lucky am I that they like to shop with me, and by now they are regular customers.

They inspire me to do some of my best and favorite work, with their always upbeat energy and positive attitudes. They are an absolute dream as customers, and are the sweetest, most wonderful friends that anyone could hope for!

As I mentioned before, they love anything and everything Disney. With the new "Alice in Wonderland" movie out now, they
asked for a custom painted skirt with that theme (size 4 - damn them !! :-). You can see them holding the result in a photo below.

Also, they told me they loved the "Lady Liberty" jacket (also a previous blog) so much, that I told them I'd do a Disney jacket for them. Like I said, their favorite characters are the female villains, so on the back I painted Cruella, the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty, the Queen of Hearts, the hag from Snow White, and Maleficent, all framed by Ursula and her tentacles. On the front, I painted the poison apple, and the magic mirror. The collar is Ursula's eels. One sleeve is the dragon, the other the Queen of Hearts. The jacket and skirt are both studded with rhinestones, and have a ton of glitter on them - bling galore!!

Here are some photos of the jacket.

And here are the twins with their new, custom painted jacket and skirt! They loved them!

Thank you so much Valerie and Diane for being such great, inspiring friends.


  1. I may have to "borrow" your photos for one of my blog posts. Those girls, are by far, the nicest and sweetest customers I've ever had. I've NEVER seen them NOT smiling. They come in on Sundays which is awesome, since the rest of my customers on that day are "BSC"! Thanks for the post!
    Take care, Sue

  2. Your artistic talents are off the charts!!!Is there anything you can not paint?, I think not.

  3. Hi!

    Thank you for your sweet comment! *big hug*

    I´m so impressed...you are very talented, and your blog is amazing! I love what you did with the victorian wedding shoes, gorgeous!!!

    I´ll be back soon!

  4. do you sell those jackets and if so how much