Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unfinished Business...

Do you ever have those projects that you started but never completed? And you just can't bring yourself to sit back down and finish? Just can't seem to get motivated to finish the work. To most people it looks like a completed painting, but you know better -- it's just not done.

Here's one of those projects. I did this so long ago I can't even remember when. For me, as I see it, it is incomplete, unfinished, unsigned. There are so many things that are wrong with it. The chair -- started off as a chair, then I thought, maybe it's a stool? But when I look at it, it's an unfinished chair. And the floor -- originally it was a checkerboard floor but for some reason I didn't like it, so I painted it out, and now it's just a.....dull floor. You can't tell where the wall ends and the floor begins. When I look at it, it makes me wonder what I was trying to do with it, but it was so long ago.

There are no shadows painted in, yet she's sitting right in front of a window.

All of these things seem so minor and unimportant to others, but for me -- I had started with a vision, and didn't complete the task at hand.

What's especially strange is there's a minor detail that I love about this painting -- where her legs are crossed. For some reason, I am so drawn to that little area. It's funny, but this is true of all of my paintings -- there is always one little insignificant detail or area that no one else even notices, but that I am deeply drawn to...oh well...

As for this painting -- it's hanging in my bedroom. But in the end, it's just an unfinished work.


  1. I love this just as it is. Sea witch

  2. The detail connected with the lady is so very sharp, I think its a wonderful painting. Personally I don't think there's too much to finish as you may take the eye away from the beauty of the subject. I think its great...
    Wishing you a good day there... Brenda xhugx :)

  3. Even though this is an unfinished painting, it's a beauty and she is so lovely in thought. It is reminiscent of so many lives that go unfinished. I am a painter, but I can't paint as well as you and I don't do people. I would love to own one of your paintings, but your etsy is empty. :(