Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Glittery Day!

What a wonderful, glittery show on Saturday -- Spring Glitterfest 2010 was a smashing success. Each show is getting bigger and better! Thanks to the amazing Whimsy girls -- Sheryl and Dianne once again outdid themselves. They never cease to amaze me, all the time and hard work they put into it. I'm so lucky to know them -- not only because of Glitterfest, but also the Whimzy store, and their flea-market (I always seem to drop a load of cash there every time!!).....but mainly because they are such good people. You can't help but like them, and we have so much fun together!

I also want to thank all the wonderful customers -- whether you are returning customers or new ones, you helped make the show a big success for me!

I so look forward to Fall Glitterfest on October 2nd -- see you there!!

Now I need to get back into the studio to catch up on my space in Country Roads!!