Monday, April 4, 2011

Something NEW!!

OK, so it's been a while I know! But I've been keeping busy -- going to shows, working on my space at Country Roads, just doing a lot of creating in many different ways! I'm always looking for new things to create, and something new, fun and exciting came to me. I happened to see a store window display that had a French setting and motif, and it was so beautiful and inspiring - so I wanted to create my own take on a French window display.

I've always painted old suitcases and had some laying around, and also work with glass, I thought, "I can try this". If I cut an opening in the suitcase, put glass in the opening, then the inside could be my window! I put French miniatures, and other found objects, and voila! It became a mini store window - a take on an old idea of the "diorama".

I had so much fun creating it! I took it to Spring Glitterfest and it was a big hit! Here's a picture.

Then I thought of some very special customers and decided to do a themed diorama - here it is.

I so enjoy these and have other ideas for my dioramas - I'll be putting some in my space at Country Roads and bringing them to upcoming shows - hope to see you there!!