Tuesday, June 29, 2010


One of my favorite genres of art is Fantasy. Here are a couple examples of Fantasy art I've done.

The first -- I've always loved old Hollywood, the glitz and glamour, the gorgeous starlets and dashing men. One of my all-time favorite Hollywood on-screen couples is Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers -- watching them dance together in old movies is breathtaking. So I thought, the perfect fanstasy - Fred and Ginger, dancing on a moonlit lake. Here's the result -- I painted this back in 1986 and it still hangs in my studio today.

The other -- I've been mixing collage and painting to create a new altered fantasy art. This is the result -- not only mixing the media, but mixing the subject matter, mixing the mood, going for a certain feel. Do you feel anything when you see it? Would love to read your feedback!