Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Favorite Paintings!

These are my favorite paintings I've done, ever. Of course, it is the subject matter that makes them my favorites -- they are my children! I painted them at different times in their lives.

This is my oldest, my son Vincent. I made this for him for his 8th birthday. What I love about this painting (acrylic on board) is it was a time when he was a real boy, back when boys were innocent and into toys and comic books. Just the sheer delight of playing in the street with his friends after school is what I wanted to portray, in a comic book setting, fighting his favorite arch-enemy characters. He became the super-hero, Vincinerator! Now, he's 21, a full time college student at UCLA.

Zachary, our middle child by six minutes (he and Olivia are twins) -- he's the comedian of the family! He loves to work out, so it was so fitting to make him into an action hero starring in his own movie. He often strikes this "signature" pose -- raised eyebrows, crossed arms, pretending he is super macho and studly -- but in reality he's just my lovable, crazy goof-ball Zach. Here he is (acrylic on canvas), starring in "Arms of Steel"!! Zach will turn 19 in September, he goes to junior college.

Olivia is the baby of the family (again, by 6 minutes!!). She has no problem posing for photos, never did, never will!. In this painting she's 6 years old. She was always into hair and fashion, even at a young age! I think this painting, an oil on canvas, truly captures her -- sweet, cute, beautiful, innocent, completely a girl, all sugar and spice. Now she's the inspiration for many of my mermaid paintings. Olivia also turns 19 in September and in junior college.

My pride, my joy, my children.


  1. Dear Ms. Gutierrez!

    I have missed your postings! You are such a wonderful artist. Your children are adorable and they make great models! I want you to know that I am still very interested in ordering a crown from you, and will let you know when I am ready. I have been waiting to see more of you and here you are! Take care and happy painting, Anita

  2. I love the painting of your daughter...really beautiful!

  3. absolutely gorgeous. I love all your work. I'm really surprised you are not world famous by now.