Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day of the Dead

I love painting "Day of the Dead". Maybe because it's in my blood as a hispanic, or maybe because of the bright colors and -- even though the subject is of skulls and skeletons -- maybe because the tone is so upbeat and happy. I know people sometimes get creeped out by them, but I just find it fascinating and love painting this genre.

Of course, I also love jewelry, so it made perfect sense for me to marry the two. Here are some pics of some Day of the Dead bangle bracelets, and other paintings I've done. I'll be out at the Grove on Sunday, June 7th with them. They'll also be on sale soon on my Etsy page.


  1. Dearest Lori,
    How nice to see your work again; we all get too busy to blog! You use the colors of our heritage (I am Hispanic too) in a new and fresh way; I love the last image. I still have my eye on that glorious crown and I will contact you the moment I am able to get it. I love what you did with those vintage wedding shoes; I did the same thing last year by painting a pair of vintage black shoes in GOLD! Truly royal.

    Keep creating my dear, you are so talented. Anita

  2. Lori, these are so fun. The jewelry, especially!! I lean towards the romantic side of YOU, but you are just as talented in portraying this style.xo

  3. Although I am not a bangel wearing girl, I could be persuaded... I LOVE what you are creating!!

  4. Lori thank you so much for the suggestion on the mermaids. I noticed that on Martha's blog she was doing just that. Using the vintage photos of women & cutting the tail out & topping the body with the tail. THANK YOU for sharing. I don't know if I can make all of this happen in time to do the necklace for when I need it. I'll post it if I do. I did a wonderful mermaid image from Crafty Secrets & Vicki was going to send it to me since she has such a HUGE supply of their stuff (she is on the design team for them). Have a great week.

  5. Lori!
    Those are great! Di & I love D of the D stuff! I love how you put your own mark on it too! I hope we see lots of it for Glitterfest Fall!

  6. I love your spin on all the day of the dead. LOVE them!