Monday, September 6, 2010


Hope you had a safe, happy, and PEACE-ful Labor Day weekend. :-) I know I did !! Check out the mural I did today, for a little 8 year-old girl's room...


  1. OMG Lori, my 10yo daughter flipped when I showed her this post. It's too bad we are in a rental at the moment. She also loves the vintage purse on your side bar with the butterfly and the rose, we bought one of those for her(minus the beautiful artwork of course)a few months ago while shopping the local thrift shop. Maybe she should try decorating it herself and it might bring out her inner artist.
    What do you think?

    Hope to see you at Glitterfest!

  2. Wow Lori, that is so awesome and I can only imagine how thrilled that little girl is to have your art on her wall! Thanks for the picture, I loved it!!

    Take care, Sue